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Meeting of the year?

Trump back at it again, making headlines all over the world. It is always positive news when two leaders with completely opposing political ideologies for the first time agrees on an issue. I have gathered information from sites such as CNN, RT News and ABC News to compel a quick overview of the Singapore summit held the 12th. Here’s what happened:

The President of the United States and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un came to terms on a subject that has long been anticipated: the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The first ever meeting held in Singapore between the US and the North Korean leader will make history; both parties signing an agreement on the North Korean progress towards denuclearization and the ending of joint US military exercises in South Korea.

Details on how North Korea will actually proceed with denuclearization have not yet been established, but as Kim claimed, one missile testing site has already been destroyed.

The UN has at the moment banned the sale of North Korea’s export on iron, ore, textiles, seafood, and coal, cutting off North Korea’s export industries up to $3 billion in annual income. Further, the sanctions include a cap on all refined petroleum products, a ban on natural gas imports and a restriction on North Korea’s fishing rights.

Moreover, as grated by Trump last September, the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin no has the power to freeze assets of any individual or company doing business with North Korea.

Following the 50 minutes long meeting, Trump stated at the press conference that the occurring sanctions on North Korea will remain until the nuclear weapons “are no longer a factor.” Nonetheless, Trump did comment the sanctions may be lifted before the denuclearization process is complete – saying that as soon as it is known that North Koreas no longer has the ability to launch a nuclear attack.

/Isabel Norlin


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